Function of starch granules in food industry

  1. Function of starch granules in food industry:

With starch granules, we can use it to make fried food such as chicken, tofu, seafood and vegetables.

Whereas you can certainly fry food in hot oil as is (think skin-on chicken pieces), we regularly dip food in a coating starch granules first. Such coatings give some benefits: they help secure the food from moisture loss, and they shield the food from direct contact with the hot frying oil for more delicate cooking. And maybe most important, we know that these coatings – starchy coatings. Specifically, it becomes incredibly crispy when it is fried.

  1. Function of starch granules in deep fried foods:

Making chicken fried steps with Abimex starch granules

  • The first step is Coating the chicken in flour

  • Then, deep fry the chicken.

  • Finally, cut the finished product.

  1. How to have an overlook about starch granules quality?
  • Check the specification of starch granules:

The bellowing table is Abimex starch granules specification:


1 Starch content 85% Min Starch content 85% Min
2 Moisture 13% Max Moisture 13% Max
3 PH 5-7 PH 5-7
4 Whiteness 90% Min Whiteness 90% Min
5 SO2 content 30mg/kg max SO2 content 3mg/kg max
6 Partical size 1.5-2.0mm Partical size 2.0-3.5 mm


  • Quality of raw material.

The roots are living plants and need some air for respiration and life activity. During storage the roots consume a small amount of their own starch to maintain life functions until spring. This will require some fresh air, and the respiration causes development of heat. If the tubers get warm, respiration increases, raising the temperature further. And A lot of starch is used for respiration and the tubers will die of heat.

Besides, unfavourable storage conditions cause starch losses and, in the worst case, dead and smashed raw materials, which are disruptive for the process. So roots are processed in the order they are delivered to the factory, and the roots must be processed within 24 hours of harvest.

Therefore, supplies of bad raw materials have to be rejected.

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