Which Country Imports Most Starch Granules

1. Which country imports most starch granules:

Malaysia is the most country which is importing starch granules. The food industry is very developing in their country. Especially, deep fried food is very popular with their consumers.

Starch granules is a kind of tapioca starch produced by physical method. The tapioca starch will be pressed, compressed to produce starch granules with big mesh.

Depending on customers demand, starch granules has various mesh sizes.

I remember a Malaysian customer he was nearly opening his new business which is the chicken fried chain. However he was still confusing where he could find the factory which could adjust the mesh size suitable with his demand.

Fortunately, we could catch her demand and supported her with our factory technician team.

Through physical modification methods, Abimex can make flexible starch mesh size as client’s inquiry. Normally, we can produce starch granules mesh sizes is from 1.5mm to 3mm.

2. Granulated Starch function:

Whereas you can certainly fry food in hot oil as is (think skin-on chicken pieces), we regularly dip food in a coating starch granules first. Such coatings give some benefits: They help secure the food from moisture loss, and they shield the food from direct contact with the hot frying oil for more delicate cooking. And maybe most important, we know that these coatings—starchy coatings, specifically—become incredibly crispy when fried.

With starch granules, we can use it to make fried food such as chicken, tofu, seafood and vegetables.

Nowadays, there are many fried crispy starch line for chicken fried in worldwide. So that, ABIMEXCO would like to introduce to you about our brand of tapioca starch granules for chicken fried.

Our granulated starch is quite welcomed in Malaysia, Korea,…

Furthermore, the quality is always the most concern from importers, so we are willing to welcome all of the customers to visit our factory. After that, they can have a general view about our product as well as how our factory working.

Especially, through physical modification methods, Abimex can make flexible the starch mesh size as client’s inquiry. Normally, we can produce granulated starch mesh sizes is from 1.5mm to 3mm. All of our service is doing for catching consumer’s demand and supported them with our professional technician team.

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