1. The method to make starch granules:

The physical modification is a method to produce Starch granules. The native tapioca starch will be pressed, compressed to produce starch granules with big mesh.

Depending on consumer’s demand, starch granules will be manufactured with various mesh sizes.

The physical modified tapioca starch method:

Physical modifications of starches are starch property adjustments conferred by physical treatments that do not result in any chemical modification of the starch other than restricted glycosidic bond cleavages. It is a strategy of pure starch denaturation utilizing physical forces.

For example, those are pressing, compressing and gelatinizing effect on starch. All of the following methods change some of its properties to suit the application.

2. Where is producing starch granules with high quality in Vietnam?

ABIMEXCO always catch all the new demand of customers. So that when our customers in Malaysia asked us for the starch granules, we tried to find out the way to satisfy our client’s requirement. As a result, Abimex created Granulated starch. And it is quite welcomed in Malaysia. It is using for chicken fried.

In addition, we are confident that we can support our customers by the best service. In particular, as Malaysian has to have certificates such as Halal, MUI, etc. We also support them with the certificates to be suitable with their inquiry.

Furthermore, the quality is always the most concern from importers, so we are willing to welcome all of the customers to visit our factory. After that, they can have a general view about our product as well as how our factory working.

Especially, through physical modification methods, Abimex can make flexible granulated starch mesh size as client’s inquiry. Normally, we can produce starch granules mesh sizes is from 1.5 mm to 3 mm. All of our service is doing for catching consumer’s demand and supported them with our professional technician team.

Andrew Cuong.

Abimex VietNam

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