In nature, starches are found in tubers, nuts, and fruits of crops such as cassava, beans, soybeans, green beans, red beans, and tubers like potatoes…

It is also one of the most important energy sources for animals and humans. The statistical data show that starch is more and more important and essential applications in industry and agriculture. Intimately, it has more than 4 thousand applications.

The most prominent must be tapioca starch because of its wide applicability as well as extremely competitive prices. In this article, we would like to introduce to you tapioca starch types. Those are native tapioca starch and modified tapioca starch.

Tapioca starch types

1.  One of tapioca starch types – Native tapioca starch:

Firstly, main of tapioca starch types is Native tapioca starch.

One of the most important food crops in the life of some animals or humans in tropical countries, especially in Southeast Asia, is tapioca (tapioca root).

Recently, tapioca has become a source of commercially valuable raw materials for many industries. As a results it has been making important contributions to the country’s economic development.

Tapioca starch (or cassava starch, energy powder) is a crystalline product of the extraction process of tapioca root starch. It is one of tapioca starch types.


Tapioca starch types

2. Modified tapioca starch:

Along with the development of technology, tapioca starch (cassava starch) has become an important source of raw materials for processing into modified starch products.

In addition, It is a special form of starch that is processed from pure natural starch sources.

Through various starch modification technologies and produces many modified forms of starch suitable for using. It can help enhance the properties. Besides, it can increase the commercial value of tapioca starch (cassava starch).

Modified starch methods:

– Physical method: It is a method of pure starch denaturation using physical forces.

For example, those are pressing, compressing and gelatinizing effect on starch and all of the following methods change some of its properties to suit the application.

Modified starch products of this method are gelatinized starch, moist heat-treated starch.

– Chemical method is a method of using the necessary chemicals to change the properties of starch.

The main product of the chemical denaturation method is the starch to treat acid, ether, starch and estehydrate, phosphate.

– Types of modified tapioca starch: E1422, E1414, E1412, E1420,…Read more about modified tapioca starch at: abimexco.com

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