How starch granules used in food?

  1. How modified tapioca starch used in food?

Whereas you can certainly fry food in hot oil as is (think skin-on chicken pieces), we regularly dip food in a coating starch granules first. Such coatings give some benefits: they help secure the food from moisture loss, and they shield the food from direct contact with the hot frying oil for more delicate cooking. And maybe most important, we know that these coatings—starchy coatings, specifically—become incredibly crispy when fry.

With starch granules, we can use it to make fried food such as chicken, tofu, seafood and vegetables.

starch granules 2


  1. The highlight of the starch granules in food industry:

Granulated tapioca starch is a granular product with a major component of tapioca. Application of tapioca starch is  in food technology and in food. From the processing technology, people do food products from tapioca such as glucose, dextrose, fructose and other sweeteners.


Starch granules which coat outside can help foods crispier and thickener. So that the quality of the starch is very important, it can decide how the final products will be. As a result, every company who are doing in deep fried food products is very concerning about where to buy the high quality starch granules. Furthermore, the starch granules should be competitive price as well as suitable with their demand.

Starch granules

The starch granules brand is quite popular in Malaysia, Korea, etc.

The main ingredients of this product are from starch which high-tech processing, soft and smooth starch helping foods more crispy and delicious.


Especially, through physical modification methods, the factories does it with flexible granulated starch mesh size as client’s inquiry. Normally, the starch mesh sizes is from 1.5 mm to 3 mm.

The bellowing pictures are some foods what made by granulated starch such as seafood fried, chicken fried, etc.

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Function of starch granules in food industry

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