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Acetylated Distarch Adipate E1422

Acetylated Distarch Adipate E1422 Modified Starch is prepared by treating starch with Adipic Anhydride and Acetic Anhydride to produce a white powder or flakes (if pregelatinized) which improves stability at high temperatures. This type of starch is doubly modified (twice modified), so it simultaneously exhibits the characteristics of Acetylated starch and cross-linked starch.

Product name: Acetylated distarch adipate.

E number: E1422

CAS No.: 63798-35-6

H/S code: 3505.10.90

Quality certificates: HACCP, Kosher, HALAL, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, etc.

Packaging: 25kg PP/PE or paper bag and 850kg jumbo bag.

Origin: Vietnam.

Characteristics and Applications of E1422:

     Acetylated Distarch Adipate E1422 Modified Starch has the advantage of outstanding stability in the freezing – thawing of frozen products, very good transparency, ability to stabilize at high temperatures, and resistance to degradation. The structure (mortar) over time is very good. Due to this property, Acetylated Starch Distarch Adipate E1422 is used as a thickener and stabilizer with wide application in food processing.

  • Has good high temperature stability and high durability in acidic environments.
  • The ability to retain water is very good and stable for a long time, minimizing water leakage of frozen products.
  • Good resistance to structural degradation over a long period of time, minimizing the mortar phenomenon of paste products.
  • Increases Viscosity and helps improve product surface.

Acetylated Distarch Adipate E1422 is widely used in products like Chili Sauce, Ketchup, Tomato Sauce, Vegetable Sauce, Mayonnaise, Canned Meat, Canned Fish, Fish Balls, Jam, Jelly, Cupcakes, Muffins, Cakes, Cookies, Pudding, Yogurt, Ice Cream,…

Nutritional Value per 100g of product:
Energy value: 352 kcal/kJ 
Proteins, g, no more than 0.3
Fats, g 0.8
Carbohydrates, g 86.2


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