What is starch granules?

Starch granules with high quality in Vietnam

  1. Starch granules with high quality in Vietnam.

Starch granules made from tapioca. Tapioca is easy to grow, less picky, less invested, suitable for ecological and household economic conditions. Therefore, Tapioca production is increasing rapidly in Vietnam. Since then, cassava starch factories have also gradually sprung up, went into production and export tapioca starch products to foreign countries.

In the current time, Vietnam ranks second in the world in exporting tapioca and tapioca products (including starch granules), after Thailand.

We all know that a product must be high quality to be trusted and allowed to export abroad. With the top 2 export position in the world, it is not difficult to deduce that starch granules in Vietnam is also a high quality product.

  1. The reason why Vietnam’s starch granules is trusted by many customers

Firstly, Year round supply of raw material: Two crops of tapioca can be grown each year, with almost complete flexibility of both planting and harvest schedule. Roots are harvested continuously throughout the year. Tapioca is one of the most important cash crops of Vietnam.

Secondly, New improved tapioca varieties are GMO free: Increasing market demand for tapioca based products has spurred the development of improved varieties with the main purpose of improving economic return.

New varieties are selected primarily for improved starch yield. Only the conventional breeding technique of hybridization is used to achieve this goal. No genetic modification techniques are used, and therefore, Vietnam tapioca starch and products are completely GMO free.

Thirdly, The Vietnam tapioca starch industry has over thirty years experience. Besides, The granulated starch factories in Vietnam are always improved and developed together with the technology development in the world. Therefore, the starch are increasingly getting higher quality.

Finnally, Keeping the quality evenly throughout many orders and producting of granular starch according to the size required by customers also makes customers very satisfied when using Vietnamese granulated starch.


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