A delicious and nutritious mixed soup with a rich, sweet taste blends vegetables, meat and eggs. This simple dish and easy to make is suitable for children because it is not only easy to eat but also contains all the necessary nutrients for children growth. This dish is also the right choice as appetizers.



–         Duct bone: 1kg

–         Pork tenderloin: 200g

–         Sausage (spring roll): 200g

–         Fresh or dried shrimp: 200g

–         Sweet corn: 200g

–         Lotus seeds: 150g

–         100g mushroom (thin-top mushroom, enoki take, straw mushroom…)

–         Quail egg: 20

–         Chicken egg: 2

–         Tapioca starch: 30g

–         Green onion, coriander leaves: 100g

–         01 white onion

–         Seasoning: 1 cup of seasoning seed, MSG, salt, chili powder, pepper, cooking oil

–         Dried onion, garlic: 50g

How to cook:


–         Rinse through the duct bone. Prepare a pot of water about 200ml boil. Put the bones on the simmer for 5 minutes then place the bones in a bowl, pour all the water this time. This process will help you get the sweetness without being greasy. Then boil the bone with another 2.5 liters of water for 1-2 hours. Every 10-15 minutes, use a spoon to scoop out the foam that floats above the water in the bone pot.

–        Pork tenderloin washed, drained. Cut the diced and marinated meat with 1 teaspoon of seasoning, ½ teaspoon of MSG, 1/3 teaspoon of pepper and stir well. Leave meat about 20 minutes for the meat to infuse the spices.

–         Peeled shrimp, remove the head and draw back. After cleaning the shrimp, put the shrimp in a steamer pot (you can steam the water to keep the sweetness of the shrimp)


–         Sausage cut really small.

–         Lotus seed wasted and boiled with a pinch of salt.

–         Boiled quail eggs and peeled

–         Corn: rinse, remove beard, remove seeds separately

–         Clean the mushrooms. If it is a enoki take, cut in half to eat well

–         White onion peeled, rinse and cut small.

–         Green onion, garlic and herbs: rinse and cut small. Minced onion and garlic separately.

Cooking soup:

–         Put the pan on the stove, wait for the pan to heat up, then add some cooking oil to wet the pan. Add chopped onions and garlic and 1 teaspoon of chili powder.

–         Put in pan bone broth. Wait for the water to boil, add the tenderloin that has soaked in seasonings and taste so that the water tastes good and has a moderate sweetness. Pour water into a saucepan for easy cooking

–         Put corn and mushrooms, cook in 5 minutes.

–        Mix tapioca flour with 1 cup of water, stir well until dissolved, pour the bowl of flour into the boiling soup.

–       Next, beat 2 eggs, add a little sauce or salt and pour into the pot of soup and stir well. Seasoning to taste again

–        Add chopped sausages, shrimp, lotus seeds, quail eggs, onions, and bowls. Then pour the soup into the bowl so that the ingredients are flooded. Add herbs, scallions, pepper.

This hot dish is very attractive and easy to eat, soothing sweetness. Soup with enough mushrooms, vegetables, meat, eggs is a complete and balanced dish for the body. Using mixed soup as an appetizer, your family’s meal will be much more delicious.

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